Thursday, April 27, 2017

STI 3150 - Time to take profits.

STI 3150 - Time to take profits.


Its almost the end of the month and guess it's due for another blog post. Unfortunately with the STI trading at above 3150 points which is just 10% from its last peak, not much value has presented itself.

A lot of stocks have performed very well in this period, as have many that I have discussed.

This is a common occurence when markets are good. Most stocks will go up, as positive sentiment sets in and often earnings will be improving as well.

However, we should not forget that markets can turn, and sometimes very quickly and very sharply. There is nothing we can do to predict this event. But history tells us that this can and will happen at some point in time.

STI has risen by 10% from 2800 level. With this in mind, it is probably time to take some money off the table. Thankfully with recent big rises in stocks, have been able to pare down some positions and build up the cash position further.

When every one is happily buying and buying, its time to be selling and selling. Once the party is over and every one is selling and selling, that's the time to be buying and buying. That's when you will need your cash position.

Goodnight and feel free to drop a comment. Hope to see you guys at STI 2800 again!

Saturday, March 25, 2017

PNE Industries (BDA.SI) - Finally hit NAV again.

PNE Industries (BDA.SI) - Finally hit NAV again

Hi everyone. A short update.

With the current run-up in our stock market, STI is now around 3150, back to 10% below previous recent highs of 3500, many small cap stocks have had a spectacular run up.

Since its full year results release, PNE Industries has not disappointed either. The share price has finally hit 96c. This is slightly below its NAV of 96.3c but considering the recent big dividend payout, its close enough.

As such I have started to pare down my holdings in this counter, recoup my capital and lock in gains whilst leaving some free shares. This will replenish my cash holdings and will add to my free shares holdings :D

Thank you Trump rally.

Monday, February 13, 2017

Multi-Chem Limited (AWZ.SI) - Full Year 2016 Results Update

Multi-Chem Limited (AWZ.SI) - Full Year 2016 Results Update

As expected a stellar financial year for Multi-Chem. Business is chugging along nicely. Revenue has been flat but profits remain robust. EPS this last quarter being boosted by forex gains of ~1m from USD going up and 1.4m or reversal of doubtful debt allowances.EPS for FY16 was 10.8c. A big dividend of 3.3c has also been announced. This brings payout ratio to 40% which is nothing to shout about but fair.

Of note,
1) debts have been halved pretty quickly from 22m+ down to 11.5m now. The company will be able to go debt free at anytime.
2) A recent sale of factory land in China for 8.3m should bring cash to 58m+ and net cash to market cap to 65%. Though this sale was only slightly profitable and NAV will not be getting a boost, it is good to see Mgt. might be looking to slowly exit this business, which is not contributing much at this point, and focus more on the new core business.
3) The recent insider buy in @ 52c after 3Q results last year shows that mgt. already knows good results were on the way.

The share price has reacted accordingly after this results release. Since covering this stock at 52c, price has moved up to 78c at close yesterday. Though on not much volume. Given that top insider ownership is pretty high, this is to be expected. IMHO it is very possible a privatisation could be on the way.

[author holds shares in this company]